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What is the TearCare System?

Dry, gritty, red and vision fluctuations are some of the symptoms you can experience from Evaporative Dry Eye Disease due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. TearCare Thermal Gland Expression is an in-office treatment that targets clogged oil glands. This device uses applicators that adhere to the upper and lower eyelids to provide therapeutic heat. The placement of the applicators allow the eyes to be open throughout the treatment and blinking exercises are encouraged to assist in oil release. 

The effective temperature allows the solidified oil within the glands to liquefy. After 15 minutes of heat treatment, the doctor performs manual expression of the glands to clear the congested oil. By releasing the stagnant oil, we are able to increase the amount of oil in the tear film and provide more stable and comfortable vision. This therapy allows us to improve the functionality of the glands, which helps ensure that we are slowing down the progression of meibomian gland dysfunction and atrophy.

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