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Flushing with Rinsada- an eye irrigation procedure!

What is Rinsada?

We’re excited to talk about a new device within the dry eye field that allows us to flush out the
irritants in your eyes more thoroughly! Rinsada is an innovative irrigating lid retractor that allows the
provider to get into the fornices of the eyelids that would typically be hard to reach with a normal
saline vial.

With this retractor, we’re able to reach the deep reservoirs of the eyelid where a lot of biofilm,
bacteria and allergens can get stuck and cause irritation to the ocular surface.

How is Rinsada Helpful for Dry Eye Patients?

Dr. Srini Kondapalli, a retinal specialist, created this product in order to flush out his patients’ eyes
with more ease. Retinal specialists typically have to sterilize the eyes with Betadine, which can be
quite toxic to the ocular surface, before certain retinal procedures. Due to this potential of toxicity, he
wanted to create an attachment that would aid in flushing the eyes with more ease and accuracy.

With his creation, we benefit in the dry eye world as well! When a patient suffers from Dry Eye
Disease, there is typically biofilm buildup and inflammation present in the tear film and ocular

Research has shown that with the Rinsada irrigation MMP-9, which is a known inflammatory marker
in Dry Eye disease, can be reduced by 70%. This reduction can last up to 3 months and provide
immediate relief for patients as well!

Why Should I Get My Eyes Rinsed?

The reason why cleansing and rinsing of the eyes is so important is because Dry Eye Disease is
oftentimes associated with overgrowth of bacteria on the eyelashes, called blepharitis. Blepharitis
can cause bacteria to manifest in the lash follicles, lid margins, and travel underneath the eyelids as

When the bacteria manifests on the lid margins it consists of biofilm that can block off the meibomian
gland openings. When meibomian glands (oil glands) are blocked off, it causes stagnation of the oil
and reduces the amount of oil present in your tear film. The lack of oil in our tear film can lead to
Evaporative Dry Eye Disease. With this type of Dry Eye Disease, the tears evaporate quickly in
between blinks and cause fluctuations in vision, grittiness, burning, redness and other symptoms of
dry eye.

With our in-office Eye Deep Cleaning treatment option, we are able to effectively clear the blepharitis
and remove the biofilm buildup over the lid margins with the Zest lid and lash cleaning followed by
the Rinsada irrigation. By thoroughly rinsing with the Rinsada irrigator, we’re able to flush out the
biofilm underneath the eyelids that can also block off important accessory lacrimal glands within the
eyelids that aid in basal tear secretion.

At Dry Eye Care Texas, we’re always aiming to stay updated in our treatment options based on the
most recent data. We’re excited to offer Rinsada as a stand alone treatment or as a part of our Eye
Deep Cleaning treatment option.

With this addition, we can provide further relief and reduction in inflammation. Come see and feel the
relief that Rinsada can offer!

-Norin Ali, OD

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