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What to expect at your first visit during the Comprehensive Dry Eye Evaluation:

At Dry Eye Care Texas, we utilize advanced technology to perform a detailed analysis of your tear film, eyelids, ocular surface, and meibomian glands. The detailed analysis is critical in formulating your customized treatment plan for your individual situation.  The detailed testing includes:

Dry Eye History

Detailed dry eye focused history to identify potential causative factors so we can customize recommendations and lifestyle modification as necessary.

Firefly Dry Eye Report

Provides a robust understanding of your tear quality and quantity compared to traditional methods of basic viewing of the tear film with a microscope.  The detail and trackability of this data allows us to better identify and manage the root causes of your dry eye more efficiently and effectively.  In only 5 minutes, this testing provides our clinical team a wealth of information!


Utilizing a simple tear collection method, we will test your tears for the presence of MMP-9 which is an inflammatory marker.  This will help determine if anti-inflammatory therapy would be beneficial.

Inflammadry Testing
Inflammadry Testing

Corneal Sensitivity

As Dry Eye disease progresses, it often compromises the health of the corneal nerves causing a reduction in nerve sensitivity. This loss of sensitivity allows underlying corneal damage to progess while you may not have symptoms of the damage thus silently devastating your corneal health. In extreme cases, the scar tissue can lead to significant reduction in the quality of vision and/or vision loss. Corneal sensitivity is checked on all our patients to assess the integrity of the corneal nerves. If reduced sensitivity is noted, our doctors can prescribe treatments to improve the health of the corneal nerves.

Cochet-Bonet Estheisometry
Cochet-Bonet Estheisometry

Meibomian Gland Imaging

These crucial glands, found in our upper and lower eyelids, provide the oil component of the tear film which slows down tear evaporation.  Many factors such as digital device use, medications and the modern diet can compromise the functionality of these glands and cause them to atrophy.  Unfortunately, once the glands atrophy, we are unable to rejuvenate them which reduces the quantity of oil production thus leading to severe dry eye disease.  We image the meibomian glands to assess the current health of these glands as it provides a baseline for progression analysis over time. Based on the initial evaluation, we are able to determine the proper treatment course to preserve and improve meibomian gland function.

Normal Meibomian gland structures
Normal Meibomian gland structures
Severe Meibomian gland atrophy
Severe Meibomian gland atrophy

Oil Quality

After the testing is complete, you get a chance to relax yes, you read that right, a chance to relax at a doctors visit!  We’ll invite you to lean back and then place an Umay Rest device on your eyes to gently warm the oil within the meibomian glands. Not only does this provide you ten minutes of zen time, but it allows us to easily express the ‘lightly melted’ oil from the glands so we can assess the quality.

If the meibum (oil) comes out thick, white and pasty it indicates poor quality and our goal with treatment is to move it towards a more healthy clear, thin, olive oil consistency which will greatly improve the tear quality and your dry eye symptoms.


And after all that, we will thoughtfully educate you on your results. We deeply believe that to improve something, you must understand it so after the exam, our doctor will go over the reports, imaging and analytics with you to explain your condition and go over the findings. We will answer any questions you have and you can always call or text us later if any more come up!

Post Visit Overview

We will curate an individualized, comprehensive and evidence-based treatment plan to help manage the root causes of your dry eye disease. We will also provide you with a post treatment overview and treatment plan for you to review and reference as needed at home.  With your approval, we can share this overview with any of your healthcare team and family members.