New Patient Special :

No charge for the Tear Film Diagnostics for all new dry eye exams ($95 discount).

Offer expires: 05/31/23


Don’t Weep Over Bad Makeup!

Did you know that certain ingredients in makeup products can exacerbate dry eye? Formaldehyde releasing preservatives, benzalkonium chloride (BAK) and parabens are common ingredients found in makeup that can damage corneal cells. Waterproof mascara and several makeup remover products contain BAK preservative. Cosmetics are largely unregulated, so toxic ingredients may be a part of your everyday practices! The good news is that there are several safe makeup options to ensure you are not using ingredients that may be worsening your…

Our Simple Goal is to Improve Quality of Life

Here at Dry Eye Associates of Austin, we aim to make this the last stop for your dry eye concerns. Dry eye has become a passion of mine and I can talk about it forever! Now we’ve gained the ability to give specialized care with a longer exam time dedicated to dry eye diagnostics and advanced in-office procedures. I love researching new dry eye treatment options and keeping up to date on current dry eye research. When you start managing…